Welcoming Remarks by NetApps2008 General Chair

Assalamualaikum warahmatuLLahi wabarakatuh and very good morning,

Distinguished guests, speakers, participants, ladies and gentlemen.

It is my great privilege to greet you all in this green campus of Universiti Utara Malaysia for the first International Conference on Network Applications, Protocols and Services (NetApps2008). NetApps2008 attempts to gather colleagues from the specialty areas of network applications, protocols and services and to discuss them from the theoretical and practical perspectives.

This conference is indeed a very unique in terms of its organization; the organizing committee has attempted to make this conference simple, no-frill, value for money and not-for-profit. A simple conference because there is no minister, politician or VVIP invited to formally officiate the opening event, no pomp and lavish spending of the precious time and money. We simply want to optimize the time to enable the sharing of knowledge. Furthermore, this conference is organized in single track so that participants can focus to on paper presentations in specific topics.

NetApps2008 is a no-frill, value for money conference because the fees we charged are the lowest in its class. With the average fees of around USD100 per participant, they are merely enough to cover the conference expenditures. Making profit is not our motive. We attempt to minimize all costs involved while ensuring the quality of papers accepted for presentations. To enhance its value for money, we have also included not one but two FREE tutorial sessions in the conference program for the benefit of our participants.

I am so pleased to see our guests who come from outside Malaysia at this conference. I am happy to announce that participants of this conference come from more than 15 countries in Asia and Pacific regions. I consider this as an outstanding achievement due to the fact that the very small team of NetApps2008 committee took only six months to organize this unique conference.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Editors of the Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC) for their willingness to publish best papers selected from this conference. I would also like to thank IEEE Malaysia Computer Society for lending its support as technical co-sponsor of this conference. My deepest gratitude goes to all my colleagues in the InterNetWorks Research Group at the UUM College of Arts and Sciences who have worked extremely hard to prepare this special conference.

Last but not least, enjoy your participation in NetApps2008 and have a memorable time visiting our beautiful campus of Universiti Utara Malaysia. We hope you return next year with even more colleagues for NetApps2009!

Thank you and have a wonderful conference!

Suhaidi Hassan PhD SMIEEE
Associate Professor and Assistant Vice Chancellor
NetApps2008 General Chair
21 November 2008